Balance Transfer Calculator

UAE Banks often run promotions to get more customers by allowing them to transfer their balance from other cards to their cards with an interest-free period.
This balance transfer is a good way to save on interest payments for some time while you reduce the outstanding amount on the credit card.

Use this calculator to find how long it will take to repay your card in full while using a balance transfer scheme.

Prior to making any change to your personal finances, please read the disclaimer .
Notes on this calculator
  1. The interest rates on credit cards in UAE are often quoted as a monthly rate.
  2. All credit cards define a minimum amount that you need to pay each month.
  3. The payments are not assumed to increase each year.
  4. The time required to clear off the balance shown here is an approximation.
  5. Please refer to the specific details of the balance transfer program to understand all charges that may be applicable.