Early Repayment Benefit

In the initial years of a car loan, a large part of the payment goes towards interest payments.

This calculator shows how much you can potentially save by making a large early payment of the loan amount to reduce your monthly payments.

Prior to making any change to your personal finances, please read the disclaimer .
Notes on this calculator
  1. This calculator assumes a fixed interest rate.
  2. There are additional payments such as motor insurance & registration that you may have to pay in addition to the monthly payments every year.
  3. All months are assumed to have the same number of days for the purpose of this calculator.
  4. This calculator assumes that the loan term does not change. Instead of reducing the monthly payment, you can also opt for a shorter loan term.
  5. The "Early Payment Fee" is now regulated by the UAE Central Bank. Please check the exact amount that your home loan provider is charging.