Home Insurance- a must have for all UAE Residents

Our home is a place built with love and every article placed in it has a story behind it. No one would really like to think of it as getting damaged. But it has happened time and again to many residents in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Sharjah. Whether it’s a single case of a villa getting flooded with water or the entire building getting burned down, gutting hundreds of flats, home damage is not new to UAE. With residential buildings getting older, the chances of damage by fire/ flooding get even higher. a few months ago, almost 400 families were rendered homeless by a massive fire in the Al Tayer Tower and are still uncertain about their next accommodation. More than a 100 flats were gutted, wiping out the contents of the homes. "We lost everything we had and although I have not been allowed to enter my building yet, I could see through the bedroom window from the street and think that the entire flat has been burnt to ashes," a resident told Gulf News Reporters.

Another building in JLT- Tamweel Tower, caught fire and had again rendered hundreds homeless. Till date, the suffered residents have been unable to recover fully from the financial loss. It is suspected that fire was fuelled by the faulty building materials namely cladding. It is also rumored that other new buildings may be using such faulty building material as well.

While alternate arrangements are made for accommodation- some residents have lost all their belongings in the fire. People evacuated in the middle of the night, walked out empty handed with not even as much as their wallet or car keys.

A damaged home poses many challenges:

 The case of immediate relocation

  • Replacement of damaged contents
  • Recovering damaged documents
  • Recovering Rent Paid

While friends and family can offer immediate relief and help, one still needs a good home content insurance policy to take care of the other aspects.
Home Content Insurance, effectively addresses replacement of damaged property and documents like Passport. Home Content Insurance Policy covers the loss of  furniture & accessories, electronics & appliances, clothing & footwear, bed linen, personal items, kitchen utensils, toys and books. A good policy reimburses the cost of replacing the contents (rather than just the original cost of the articles). A policy also provides an extended cover for fatal Injury, occupiers personal liability & tenant's liability thus covering up for the loss of property even if the damage occurred due to the tenant's fault.

The policy even insures moveable goods like phones, watches, jewelry and even wallet. So if you’re prone to using mobiles or watches, you should take a basic policy.

Now, you can even compare premium for Home Content Insurance online and choose the right one for yourself. The policies can even be tailor made to your needs.

Make a smart financial move – get insured!