Quitting your job? Avoid the fee shock…Check your account before you resign

close salary transfer accounts

Most people get a shock soon after switching a job not from their ex- employers but from their old Bank. Avoid the shock from a bank statement full of charges/fee – check all the charges and conditions with your Bank before your salary transfer stops in that account.
Here’s a checklist of important things that you need to deal with before moving on with you new assignment/job:

10 simple rules to 'make money work for you'

Make money work for you

1. Move your money to a savings account that pays a high rate of interest while giving you the flexibility to withdraw your money when you need to. There are many banks that now offer e- saver accounts which offer full liquidity while paying you over 2% p.a.

2. Find a bank that offers free ATM cash withdrawals. Most banks in UAE offer free cash withdrawals but charge a small fee if you use the UAE Switch. If you use an ATM regularly and pay a charge for using it, it's time to change banks.