Does your bank account offer the best service?

Bank account with best service in UAE

The best bank accounts in the UAE come bundled with free services and offers. Here’s a checklist for you to see if your account offers these services:

1.     Interest bearing option with dual payment facilities: Ideally an interest bearing account should come with the facility of using either a debit card or a cheque book/ funds transfer facility, for making payments. RAK Evantage account from RAK Bank offers a dual benefit account with both these options. The account allows 3 free local transfers and 1 free international transfer every month along with a Debit Card.

2.     Offers on Debit Card purchases. Some banks have either rewards or special offers associated on spend through debit card. NBAD One Account offers rewards as stars where as RAK Bank has designed a program for special offers to its customer base called

3.     Free Credit Card. Don’t miss out on the first year free card offer as most banks can give it.

4.     Preferential rate for insurance. Banks get special packages and offers for their customers, which they can offer along with accounts services. Some Banks even offer a free trial period.

5.     Free online banking. A good account should not have a charge for transacting online ( i.e. making local payments, viewing statements etc.) This is a given in this day and age of technology so be sure not to miss out.

6.     Overdraft Facility. This facility is given to access some extra funds in time of need. It’s good to have as a back up for meeting small amount and short-term requirements for extra cash.

Of all the points mentioned above the first one is the most important. If you are able to check even 3 out of the next 5, you are using a great account service. If not, then you should consider looking at accounts with more facilities and benefits.