Najm is fully owned by Majid Al Futtaim with headquarters in Dubai. Najm provides wide range of products and services on credit cards and prepaid cards to meet the requirements of its valuable customers. As compared to other Banks they are a new provider in UAE. They are best known for the cash back feature at Carrefour. The major Credit cards offered by Najm are:


RAK Bank

Established in 1976 as a public joint stock company, RAK Bank is one of the leading bank in UAE. Also known as National Bank Of Ras Al Khaimah, RAK Bank underwent a major shift from corporate banking to retail and small business in 2011.

HSBC (The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation)


HSBC is the largest banking institution in the world and has a network across 74 countries. Initially the bank was named as British Bank of Middle East (BBME). In 1994, the headquarters shifted to Jersey and in 1999 the bank was renamed as HSBC.

HSBC was always known for its innovative products suitable for a wide range of customers. A few products offered by HSBC in UAE are mentioned below:

FGB (First Gulf Bank)


FGB is one of the leading bank with world class recognition on delivering products and services that meet all the client requirements and support UAE’s dynamic economy. FGB was established in 1979 with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi and branches across UAE. FGB also has its branches in Singapore, Qatar, Hong Kong, India and Libya.

United Arab Bank (UAB)

United Arab Bank (UAB)

United Arab Bank was incorporated in 1975. UAB is a sharia compliant bank that now has 20 branches across UAE. “Sadara” premium banking service and Islamic Banking Service are offered by this bank. UAB has received awards like Fastest Growing bank in Middle East, Fastest Growing bank in UAE and Best Premium Card Award.

Emirates Islamic bank (EIB)

Emirates Islamic bank | EIB

Emirates Islamic Bank was formed in 2004 with an aim to deliver highest standards of banking services. EIB offers a good range of products designed to meet individuals and small / large business’ needs. EIB follows sharia principles under which risk sharing is its main method and avoids Riba/Interest.

Some of the sharia compliant products offered by EIB are: