Get 100% Finance for your Dream Car

100% finance for your car in UAE

Looking to buy a Car with 0% down payment? Look no further, we have found just right Bank for you. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has introduced 100% car finance in the Car Loan segment in UAE. ADIB Car Ijarah is an independent contract made by a customer with the Bank, in this case for leasing the Car for a limited period post which customer can purchase the Car from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.

1. The interest rate for Car Ijarah starts at just 3.99% p.a.

2. The loan has a long loan tenure option up to 72 months. A longer tenure ensures lower EMIs for those customers who cannot afford to pay high installments. Loan tenure can vary between 12 months to 72 months.

3. Customers can pay monthly Ijarah payments for the agreed tenor and purchase the car for AED 1,000 at the end of Ijarah*.

4. There are many advantages of having the car owned by the bank. Customers can enjoy benefits like agency repair, extended warranty for the entire loan tenor and a discounted rate for insurance.

5. Since the Car is on lease there will be no traffic registration fee.

6. The Loan also covers full comprehensive takaful or insurance for the vehicle & service contract cost. Customers can enjoy discounted rates for insurance and service contracts, which are built in the loan amount and hence require no upfront payment.

7. Processing fee for the loan is AED1,000 and that’s practically the only down payment you make for your new Car.

Offer is available for all new Cars available in UAE. Apply online today.