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Emirates NBD Infinite Credit Card- Product Review

emirates nbd visa infinite creidt card

Emirates NBD Visa Infinite Credit Card is an exclusive card with lifestyle benfits and priveleges. The card gives you diverse range of luxurious benefits, modified services and security measures to suit one’s lifestyle. It provides plus points that can be redeemed against Air tickets, cash back or annual fee waiver.
Rewards on the card:
With every AED 100 spent on retail you earn 2 plus points which can be redeemed for gift vouchers from popular merchants, frequent flyer miles of leading airlines, annual membership fee waivers or Cash Back.

Credit Cards that offer valuable benefits in UAE and abroad

credit card UAE

Most people find it easier to use a credit card as it offers certain benefits such as cash back and other reward plans that a debit card does not offer. Credit Cards can be helpful as long as you know the limit of your spend and are able to pay off the bill at the end of the month without there being any outstanding amount carried forward. That’s the simplest way to avoid any interest charged by the bank.

School Fee for 2015- Financial Instutions ease off the pressure

Leading financial institutions in the UAE help parents reduce strain on rising school fees. Different banks have worthwhile payment plans making it easier for parents to pay off school fees. Banks are offering the opportunity to pay the annual school fee as a single payment and repay it in easy installments over 6-12 months. This eases off the burden of paying school fee as one large payment. Cardholders can pay the school fee with their credit card at school and then repay a fixed sum every month.

Banks in UAE, treat customers with Iftaar & Suhoor discounts

Ramadan 2015, iftaar deals in 2015

Banks are out to treat their customers for a good time this Holy month of Ramadan. With special dining discounts from Banks, you can enjoy discounts of up to 10%-25% on Iftar and Suhoor buffets at some of the UAE’s best restaurants and hotel venues.

MoneyCamel team has compiled a list of noteworthy Ramadan dining offers by banks in the UAE. There’s something for everyone, from top-notch fine dining to cozy family affairs:

Citibank-All Citibank Credit & Debit Cardholders can enjoy these exclusive Iftar offers:

Summer Vacations made economical with Travel Credit Cards

Ideas to save on Travel in 2015

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a business trip, travelling abroad is no cheap affair. But air tickets, hotel reservations, car-rentals, travel insurance and other expenses incurred internationally don’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. There are various credit cards specifically designed to help you save more when you travel.

Get free Air Tickets by redeeming Reward points/ Airline Miles

Now Enjoy World-Class Privileges at zero cost

More often than not, discounts and privileges are associated with memberships and discount booklets. Did you know that you can access amazing discounts without investing a single penny? Your Credit Card can get you access to meaningful discounts and offers that increase your savings significantly. 



Here are some of the meaningful discounts and estimated savings that you can get from a Free Credit Card:

ADIB Etihad Credit Cards- Product Review

ADIB Etihad Credit Card

ADIB Etihad Guest Credit Cards are co-branded credit cards offering attractive airline miles, travel rewards and a variety of lifestyle benefits, thanks to a collaboration between ADIB and Etihad Airways.
ADIB offers three types of credit cards to its customers in this category – Classic, Gold and Platinum.

The MoneyCamel team has assorted all the important information and benefits you need to know about ADIB Etihad Credit Cards.