Choose the RIGHT Credit Card

Choosing the right Card can be confusing, it’s now made simple for you.

Read about the most important features for you. These could be:

1.     Zero Annual Fee or Free for Life Credit Cards
2.     Cash Back on Credit Card
3.     Airlines Miles, which can be redeemed for Air Tickets
4.     Prestige Cards
5.     Transfer the Outstanding Balance to reduce interest Cost and payment overall.
6.     Cards with lots of offers
1. You could be looking for ‘Free for Life Card, where you will not have to pay any annual fees ever. These are basic Cards, which give you the regular facilities of a Credit Card without charging any Annual Fee.
2. If you are looking at earning cash back on the amount spent on your Credit Card. This is a great option as most often the cash is credited back to you and can be used to reduce the monthly bill. You should look at the following: What amount do you need to spend to earn 1 AED in cash Back. Check our Cards section to find this information.
3. If you are looking at earning free tickets as a result of spending on the Card. you should consider Cards that give miles on airlines like Emirates, Etihaad etc. The reward points you receive on spending on the Credit Card are in the form of   skywards or other Airlines miles.  It would make sense to choose a Card that has a tie up with the Airline that you use most often. Another point that can be considered here is the conversion rate on spend- i.e. How many miles do you get per AED1 spent. Or the other way around, How many Dirhams do you need to spend on a Card to earn 1 Mile.You can find these Cards listed in our Airlines Cards/ Affinity Cards Section.
4. You could be looking for a Card that suits your lifestyle like a Platinum or Infinite Card. These Prestigious Cards come loaded with privileges on dining, holidays, miles and much more.
5. If you are not happy about paying a lot of interest on your credit card every month, you can do a Balance Transfer onto a new Card. You will need to check on the lowest Rate that other Banks are offering and the longest time period for which that rate is offered.
6. Bundle of Benefits Cards combine a host of privileges for dining, shopping, travelling, entertainment and relaxing. These are great for everyone