Get more Reward points - Don’t pay your utility bills on Credit Cards

  • Banks prompt customers to make utility payments online but dont give Rewards.
  •  Find out how you can pay bills on Credit Cards & still get points or cash back

 You’re one of those people who like to see all their expenses on a single billing statement (as its easy to analyse) so you ask WHY? They have to be paid anyway and a Standing Instruction ensures no late payment fee. Plus the more spend on the card the more rewards you collect. Right? NOT REALLY- Most Banks have a different policy on rewards. You don’t get reward points or cash back on your Credit Card if you pay Utility Bills through the Bank’s own website or using Phone Banking. But if you use the same Credit Card to pay your water, electricity and phone bills on the provider’s website (like - DEWA/SEWA or Etisalat/ Du etc.) you get reward points or cash back.

 I realized this when I got cash back of 2% on 22000 that’s AED 440 instead of 3% on 25000 that’s AED 750. So, AED300 not given just because I used the Bank’s website to pay the bills. I was told that’s the Bank Policy. I was also advised to check for the conditions that qualify a transaction for a cash back. Strange why it wasn’t mentioned as a side note on the Bank’s website where they prompt Cardholders to pay bills. As I checked in the terms & conditions for Cash Back, it is indeed the Bank’s Policy not to give cash back on utility bills that are paid using IVR.  At least now we all know- keep it in mind when you pay your utility bills next time on your credit card.