Product Review- ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Cards

ADIB Etihad Guest Visa credit cards

You can judge a Credit Card's worth on 3 simple aspects: safety, cost and rewards. Lets weigh the benefits with the costs of the ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Card.

Safety: The ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Credit Card comes with Chip&Pin and Contactless technology, making it an advanced co-branded airline covered cards available. To ensure security, every transaction requires the customer to enter the PIN number.
Besides this the Card offers Travel Insurance/ takaful to take care of unplanned travel mishaps related to flights, baggage and accidents.

Cost/ Annual Fee: The ADIB Card is not Free but promises to give more than the value of fees as air miles on Etihad Airways. Lets find out.

You can get 60,000 Etihad Guest Miles on a Platinum Card, as a sign-up bonus with your first purchase.  This is worth- a return trip from Abu Dhabi to Seychelles, Athens, Colombo, Nairobi, Dhaka, Moscow, or Minsk! Or even 2 trips to any destination in India, Pakistan, Egypt or the Levant, 3 trips to Saudi Arabia. For a fee of AED 2,000 you can get tickets worth AED 4,000 or more.

On a Classic Card you get 12,500 sign – up bonus miles, worth-a return ticket to Bahrain, Doha, Muscat or Saudi Arabia. Again the value of ticket is much more than AED 500, which is the annual fee for this card.

Somewhere in the middle is the Gold Card - where you get 39,000 sign – up bonus miles, worth- a return ticket for an adult and child to India/ Nepal/ Egypt. Here again, the value of tickets is around AED2500- 3,000 depending on the destination and is much more than the annual fee of AED1,000.

Rewards on Card Spend:  As rewards on the Credit Card spend, you earn air miles also called guest miles, that can be redeemed for buying and upgrading Etihad Airways tickets. You can also use your guest miles to purchase anything around the world with the new points pay system.

You can earn 1.5 to 2.5 Etihad Guest Miles for every AED 4 spent, depending on Classic, Gold or Platinum Credit Card. The Etihad Guest Miles you earn are Shari'a compliant. The Etihad Guest Miles are a gift from the bank to you.
When you spend AED 150,000 or more with your ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card, you will receive a Companion Ticket Voucher. You may use this voucher for a free companion ticket when redeeming your Etihad Guest Miles for a ticket on Etihad Airways.
This means that an average spend of AED12,500 a month gets you 1,10,000 miles (on a Gold Card) PLUS a companion ticket free. This could easily pay for airtickets for the whole family. Now,that’s truly an amazing reward program!

Is that all? No, there there's more. It seems that ADIB is always running promotions that entitle Etihad Guest Visa Cardholders to savings and big winnings. Like the previous contest that could win you tickets to a destination like Seychelles and now a contest that can win 10 card holders 100,000 miles. The draw for this contest is on 15th May 2012. 

Gold and Platinum Card holders also get a  Priority Pass membership that gives access to over 500+ airport lounges worldwide up to 4 times per year ( depending on the Card).

Other benefits like road side assitance , valet parking, travel desk and marhabba services are also available to Card Holders. All in all, amazing value for money with Etihaad guest miles and other benfits.

Apply for the Card before 31st May 2012 and avail 25% extra bonus miles when you transfer your salary to Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. The Salary Transfer Account also comes with unique benefits and multiple chances to win back up to 24 times your salary.