Credit Cards

Choose The Best Etisalat Credit Card to earn up to 5% cash back

Mashreq Etisalat credit card 5% cashback

Mashreq Bank and ADIB offer Credit Cards in partnership with Etisalat- UAE’s best telecom provider. The core benefit on these cards is that the Card holder earns Etisalat reward points on any spends using the Etisalat Credit Card. Etisalat reward points can be used for paying mobile and landline bills, Wasel recharge, internet bills for broadband connections, cable tv bills i.e. e-life subscriptions and other experiences.

Back to school - Banks help out with School Fee

UAE Banks help with school fee

Rising school fees can cause a big strain on finances. A term’s can fee can range from AED 15,000 for primary years to AED 25,000 for senior years. To add to that some families could already have a big credit card bill to pay after a summer vacation. Banks in UAE, have come up with worthwhile payment plans to help parents with the school fee payment. Essentially you can use a credit card to pay the entire year’s fee in and pay it back to the Bank in monthly installments at 0% interest.

Balance Transfer- A valuable tool for saving

Credit card balance transfer

Balance Transfer is a facility that allows a Credit Card holder to transfer the outstanding balance on his existing Credit Card to another Credit Card at 0% interest or a low rate of interest. The new bank usually charges either a flat upfront fee or a low monthly rate of interest for this transfer.
Simply put, Balance Transfer is an interest vacation on a credit card and is a valuable option for individuals who do not pay the full amount due on the credit card.

Lowest Interest Rate Credit Card for Business Owners

RakBank Titanium Business credit card

Your business expenses are a critical part of your daily routine and now all Small Business Operators have a great opportunity to save thousands every month with the RAKBANK Titanium Business Credit Card. This credit card allows you to make all your business spends through a single credit card (and getting a free credit period of upto 50 days) along with great offers and advantages that include:

1. Free for Life Credit Card

2. Complimentary Insurance Covers

Travel Smart- Save more on travel expense this year!

Save on travel expenses by using credit cards

Enjoy your holiday even more this year by using 5 simple tips to save on your holiday expenses.

1.     Sign up for frequent flyer programs with your favorite airlines. Membership is free and miles accumulation is automatic. The air miles per trip may not seem like a lot but you could get a FREE return ticket every 4-5 years.

2.     Select a suitable Credit Card- that can help you save substantially. A good travel rewards Credit Card should offer: