Credit Cards

Tired of paying multiple Credit Card Bills? Consolidate and Reduce your payments

Consolidate debt and reduce your payments

Paying too many cards and Personal Loans? If you’re paying almost half your salary in EMI’s and Card Bills, please read on. The good news is that you can reduce financial payments on Credit Cards, Personal Loans and even Home Loans by comparing your existing credit cards/loans and doing a balance transfer to a cheaper credit card/loan.

5 reasons to get a credit card in UAE

reasons to get a credit card in UAE

Over the last few years, there has been a huge increase in the acceptance of credit cards in UAE. Except for fuel stations (which will also start accepting credit cards soon), there is a very high level of acceptance of credit cards. In fact, credit card transactions have been growing at over 30% p.a. for the last few years.
Here is our list of the top 5 reasons why you should have a credit card in UAE.

Credit Card Rewards program- Maximise your gains

Credit card reward programs

Signed up for a Credit Card lured by the promise of amazing rewards scheme but have yet to experience the benefit? Maximize your rewards on Credit Cards in 5 days.
Day 1: Do you have multiple Credit Cards? Usually, using multiple cards simultaneously will stop you from realizing the maximum benefit of any reward program. However Top 3 reasons for keeping multiple credit cards could be:
•    Promise of a benefit/ reward on sign up. For eg:25000 skywards miles or a freebie.