Avoid unexpected expenses with Travel Insurance

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Travelling abroad on a holiday is meant to be relaxing or recreational, but the best holiday can be ruined in case of a medical or financial emergency that you didn’t account for. So it’s best to travel with complete peace of mind, knowing that you are financially covered for any emergency that may arise on your trip. MoneyCamel team stresses on the importance of travel insurance and why you need one before jet-setting off to your vacation destination.

Home Content Insurance – Is it really important in UAE?

Home content insurance in UAE

I thought of this as just another fancy insurance product in UAE, meant for people who own expensive artifacts in the house. We don’t own a lot of fancy stuff so I thought we didn’t need it but my spouse bought it any way. Fast forward 6 months to the day we returned from our vacation to see our house partially flooded- one of the pipes in the bathroom burst. Neighbours didn’t notice, as the water hadn’t come outside yet. The damage was shocking- furniture & accessories, electronics, DVDs, toys & books.

Don’t let emergencies mar your travel

Travel Insurance in UAE

Emergencies could turn your world upside down when abroad, be armed with travel insurance.

Mr. Abdul Rahman and his family were on a holiday at New York, when he was diagnosed with a heart ailment, which required immediate hospitalization and surgery. The total cost of the procedure and stay was $30,000 (AED 110100). He could not meet the expenses, but thankfully his friends there, pooled in. This was not all; he had to reschedule his travel. Mr. Rahman was among those who wanted to save that extra bit of expense involved in buying travel insurance.