Life insurance: Peace of mind or piece of mine

Life insurance is certainly an emotionally draining topic, a pain to imagine your family or your dearest ones without you. Most life insurance companies’ commercials show the brutal truth, some try hard to leave a human touch but the bottom line remains the same – you want to protect your family even after your death.

While they pray, you pay

No, not one wants to settle their dreams at your expense but what happens to your family if today is the last day of your life? Well, the entire theory behind life insurance is precisely an uncertain life. However, not only your family but also the life insurance companies pray for you to live longer – both, for different reasons, of course. Your family prays for your life because a ‘death benefit’ (life insurance provides cash to your family after your death) would be the last thing they want for their survival. The life insurance companies pray for your longer life so that your life doesn’t end before you paid for the specific period.

 How much is too much

You definitely need a life insurance if you married, more importantly if your spouse is not earning. Single people with dependents also need life insurance. Is there a universal answer to how much life insurance you should buy? Use ‘Financial Health Check up’ to find out how much is enough.

Take Care and be cared for

God forbid, but how does your family cope with a tragic situation in a foreign country, in the event of an accident/ fatal injury? Thankfully, there are specialists and companies to take care of insurance policies exclusively created for global employees in all the major countries worldwide.

Be at peace knowing that you & your family are alwaystaken care of.