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Making Eid Memorable with Family and Friends in the UAE

Celebrate Eid in UAE


It has been announced by Gulf News that Eid Al Adha will be celebrated on 24th September, with the private sector to be given at least three days for Eid Al Adha. It is likely to run into the weekend resulting in a 3-4 day break. The long weekend is a good opportunity for everyone to celebrate EID and unwind. For the busy people who haven’t started planning already, there is a lot that you can do right here in the UAE and make this Eid memorable.
The MoneyCamel Team has put together special offers and deals to enjoy with friends and family in and around UAE. 

Curtailing living expenses in UAE

Living expenses in UAE

UAE is a unique country that attracts thousands of expats every year. It offers the best of everything whether it is Cars, Housing, Schools, Food, Infrastructure, Entertainment or Airlines. While living costs remain high in UAE, you can save on all the major expense heads by spending smartly. brings you a few tips to save money on the 5 biggest living expenses in UAE:

1. Housing- Rent or Mortgage is probably the biggest expense for all expats in UAE.

Ideas to clebrate Eid in UAE

Celebrate Eid in UAE

While final announcements are yet to be made regarding when exactly Eid Al Fitr will be celebrated, private sector employees are expected to get 2-3 days off and their public sector counterparts, 4-5 days off. These holidays will also include the weekend and everyone living in the UAE is already making plans about how they will be enjoying and making the most of the long weekend ahead.
Our team at has compiled a list of the best things you can do and interesting activities that you can enjoy with your families in and around the UAE:

Watch out for big Electricity and Water bills this summers

Save on DEWA Bills

Summers are at their peak in Dubai and so are our household electricity and water bills. shares some useful tips to help you reduce your DEWA bills this summer. These tips will benefit all families living in Dubai - those planning a holiday to escape the hot weather, as well as those left to brave the heat in Dubai.

Some tips to help you save electricity:

What can tenants do to ease the Rental burden in a high-rent scenario?

Rents in Dubai are peaking again but as per a number of reports and forecasts, they are expected to stabilize soon. However, today many of us are paying through the nose to meet our annual rental obligations. So, in a high-rent scenario, what can tenants do to make the best of their situation?

MoneyCamel team discusses important topics that all tenants living in the UAE should know about, like security deposit refund, alternatives to annual rental payment and rental loans, to help make the financial burden lighter:

Book now to save thousands on Air Tickets this Summers

Discounts on Airfares by Emirates & Etihad

More than 60% UAE residents travel in the month of July- August to take advantage of summer breaks in schools or to club the Eid break with their annual vacation. So whether you’re planning to take a fun-filled vacation with family, go on an adventure with your friends or visit your parents in your home country, start planning your summer vacation now to avail huge savings on airfares.

5 reasons not to buy a property in Dubai, right now

5 reasons to not buy property in UAE now

In a property market like Dubai, the decision regarding buying or renting can be a very confusing one for most expats. Many are getting lured to buy with the attractive properties launches every other day. If you haven’t bought a house just yet, there’s good reason to rent a home and wait for the right time to buy. Here's a few reasons why you should rent and not buy a property in Dubai, in the current market scenario.

What are the upcoming property projects in Dubai?

Dubai like any other big metropolitan city in the world is constantly growing in every aspect – in terms of its economy, population and development. From the real estate angle, the map of Dubai is rapidly changing to include newer areas. With new locations being explored & developed for residential purposes, many new projects are cropping up in these areas which were either just vast expanses of desert land or situated on the outskirts of Dubai.

A Valentine’s Day for all Budgets

Valentine Day Deals UAE

Valentine’s Day is almost here and the pressure is on for most couples to overshadow what they did last year, to do something completely different and to surprise their loved ones with an extraordinary display of love. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what gifts to get, what places to go to and which dinners to attend. is here to simplify things for you and give you options to suit every kind of budget. There’s something for everyone, so read on.

Simple ideas for UAE residents to save more in 2015

As we start the New Year afresh anticipating writing memories on a fresh set of 365 metaphorical pages, undoubtedly most of us would also have certain resolutions in our mind which we would love to accomplish. One of the more popular resolutions people are likely to make would be spending less and saving more.   In my effort to help achieve this I have coined a six step approach. We shall call it the SPIDER.