Watch out for big Electricity and Water bills this summers

Save on DEWA Bills

Summers are at their peak in Dubai and so are our household electricity and water bills. shares some useful tips to help you reduce your DEWA bills this summer. These tips will benefit all families living in Dubai - those planning a holiday to escape the hot weather, as well as those left to brave the heat in Dubai.

Some tips to help you save electricity:

  • Use energy-efficient lighting in your home – Replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LED lights.
  • Remember to switch off the lights in rooms and areas of the house that aren’t being used and avoid using artificial lighting during daytime.
  • Switch off or unplug the electronic devices that aren’t being used.
  • Service your air conditioner and clean air filters regularly.
  • Since Dubai gets enough sun, avoid buying or using a laundry dryer.

A few tips to help reduce water consumption at home:

  • Avoid using the dishwasher too often, especially if you only have a few dishes to clean.
  • Don’t let the tap water keep running. If you don’t require much, fill some in a jug or tub just enough for your use.
  • Skip the bathtub, use the shower instead.
  • If you’re waiting for hot water to come through, collect the cold water in a bucket which can be used to water plants or wash dishes.
  • Wash full loads of clothes if possible, avoid smaller loads and frequent washing machine use.
  • Manually water your plants or use an efficient drip-irrigation system for bigger gardens.

If you’re going on vacation, you can follow the following tips to help ensure that your energy consumption is minimal while you’re away and you don’t come back to a high DEWA bill:

  • Turn off all the lights, lamps and household electronic devices before you leave.
  • Unplug all electronics and appliances from the wall sockets like your personal computer, television, microwave etc. except the refrigerator.
  • Check the taps and water faucets in the house for leaks. Close main water inlets usually located in bathroom ceilings or such hidden points.
  • Switch off all water features like swimming pool circulation, fountains etc. If you’re going to be gone for long, consider draining these as stagnant water will attract mosquitoes.
  • Don’t set the AC too low, but just low enough to keep humidity away. You could keep one AC switched on and make sure that the doors of all rooms are open for air circulation.
  • From a safety point of view, if you use a gas stove at home, make sure to turn off the gas valve.

Depending on the size of the house/ apartment, simple tips like these have enabled families to save between 200- 500 dirhams every month!
DEWA also encourages consumer consciousness in conserving electricity & water consumption through its ‘Best Consumer Award’ campaign. The awards recognize the efforts of Dubai residents in helping to save electricity and reduce water consumption & overall carbon emissions at an individual level. The campaign was launched 10 years back and winners are announced on an annual basis. To qualify, you have to achieve a 10% reduction in water & electricity consumption in one calendar year and you could be amongst the lucky winners to win up to AED 10,000 in cash. Residents of Dubai can participate in this campaign by registering online at
Another important tip to remember - Make sure to assess your DEWA bill at the end of every month. When you log on to your DEWA e-services account, you can see your consumption graph which plots your monthly water and electricity consumption, and also shows you your household’s carbon footprint for the current month.
If you see an anomaly in your DEWA bill or feel that the bill is unreasonably high given your actual water and electricity consumption, you can submit a billing complaint online through your DEWA e-services account. DEWA will address the complaint by carrying out an investigation, including meter inspection.
With the whole world moving towards a greener and more energy-efficient lifestyle, Dubai residents are also become increasingly aware of the importance of reducing energy consumption.