Do UAE Banks ever have a Sale for customers?

Discounts by Banks in UAE

In line with the world famous Dubai Sales, Banks in the UAE have launched a variety of new offers this month to make sure you save on financial interest cost. Here are some of the best ones handpicked by our team at MoneyCamel:

1. Personal Loans starting at 3.99% from Ajman Bank:

Ajman Bank has is offering the cheapest personal Loan in UAE starting at just 3.99% p.a. on reducing balalnce basis. The additional benefits that come with this offer include Free Job Loss protection & Life Takaful.

Main Benefits:

  • 3.99% reducing interest rate
  • First payment holiday of up to 90 days
  • A pre-approved credit card with 5,000 Bonus reward points.

Fine Print:

  • The 3.99% reducing rate is valid for a tenure of 1 year only.
  • Rate of interest for 2 years is 4.99%p.a.
  • Rate of interest for 3-4 years is 6.10%.

For more details on this offer and to apply, click here.

2. UNB Car Loans starting from as low as 1.49%:

Union National Bank is offering New Car Loans starting at 1.49% p.a.

Features & Fine Print:

  • This rate of 1.49% p.a. is a flat rate.
  • It is applicable only if you take the car loan for 12 months.
  • Both salary transfer & non-salary transfer customers are eligible.

For loan tenures more than 12 months up to a maximum of 60 months, the interest rate will start at 2.25% p.a. if you transfer your salary to UNB and 2.35% p.a. if you opt for the non-salary transfer option.

For more details & to apply for a UNB Car Loan click here.

3. ADIB’s attractive Home Finance rate from 2.99%:

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is offering the most attractive home loan deal in the market, with a profit rate of 2.99% (reducing balance)


  • Lowest interest rate of 2.99% p.a. for the maximum period- 2years. This beats the earlier offer by FGB where the interest rate was valid only for the first year.
  • The rate is valid only for salary transfer customers. BTW, ADIB offers fantastic offers to its customers with salary accounts.
  • A discounted processing fee of 0.5% for the fixed rate option and no processing fee if you go for the variable rate option.
  • Free property insurance for the entire tenure and will automatically be upgraded to priority status when you take this loan.

To review the ADIB Home Loan and apply for it, click here.
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