Lock in high NRE-Fixed Deposit Rate with a Personal Loan

NRE-Fixed Deposit Rate with a Personal Loan by Emirates NBD

NRI's can lock in the high interest rate available on NRE Fixed Deposits with a Personal Loan. Emirates NBD presents a fantastic opportunity to earn tax free returns through 80% financing of NRE Fixed Deposit at their partner banks in India.
The recent rising of the UAE Dirham against the Indian Rupee presents an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for NRI UAE residents. Emirates NBD now offers NRIs a unique Personal Loan that allows you to maximize your savings. With just a small initial contribution you can avail of our special Personal Loan at low rates starting from 4.74% p.a. only and invest in an NRE Fixed Deposit at our partner banks in India at higher interest rate of 9% p.a.

Illustration: The below example shows that you can earn up to AED 400,000 for loan amount of AED 1 Million, with Fixed Deposit amount contribution of AED 250,000.


Fixed  Deposit Amount (AED) Loan Amount (AED) Interest paid on Loan for 4 years at 6.19% (AED) Interest earned on FD for 4 years at 9% (AED)

Net Earnings - Fixed Deposit Interest- Loan Interest (AED)

125,000 100,000 13,147 53,453 40,306
375,000 300,000 39,438 160,358 120,920
625,000 500,000 65,728 267,263 201,535
937,500 750,000 98,595 400,895 302,300
1,250,000 1,000,000 131,463 534,527 403,064


Effective yield is 10.69% p.a.
All figures used are illustrative and currency risk is borne by the customer.


  • Maximum loan amount available- up to AED1 Million ( subect to Bank's approval)
  • Loan tenure varies from 24 months to 48 months
  • Loan is avaliable to Salaried and Self employed individuals
  • Loan is available to Indian Nationals only
  • Minimum Salary of AED5,000 per month is required to avail this loan.


FAQs for getting a Personal Loan for a NRE Fixed Deposit

  1. What is the benefit of this loan? Fixed Deposit rate is approximately 9 to 9.5% whilst loan rate is only 5.99% to 6.49% depending on the loan amount. Example, for loan amount of AED 100,000 you will need to fund an equivalent of AED 25,000 on the Fixed Deposit. Total interest to be paid on the loan with rate of 6.19% payable in 48 months is approximately AED 13,000. While the interest earned on a Fixed Deposit of AED 125,000 for similar tenor is AED 51,000 where you can get a net earning of AED 38,000.
  2. What will be my contribution for a loan of AED 100,000? You would need to fund the Fixed Deposit for 25% of your loan amount. For example, for loan amount of AED 100,000, you will need to fund AED 25,000 to have a Fixed Deposit amount of AED 125,000.
  3. How do I repay the loan? Monthly repayments can either be deducted from your Emirates NBD account or you can provide Post Dated Cheques (PDCs).
  4. In what currency can my NRE Fixed Deposit be maintained? Currently the offering is for INR currency only.
  5. Can I avail loan in AED against my deposit in India? Yes, Personal Loans can be availed up to 80% of the Fixed Deposit value for NRE deposits in partner banks.
  6. What are the documents required to apply for a Personal Loan to open the NRE Fixed Deposit? Documents required are listed below and you can submit them at any Emirates NBD branch:

    Application form, Passport copy with visa page, Security cheque (120% of loan requested), Pay slip for Salaried / 6 months Bank statement for Self Employed, Customer request letter for loan and Fixed Deposit under lien Additional documents required in case you do not have an account with any of our partner banks in India:
    - Passport size photograph
    - Initial payment of INR 11,000 for account opening
    - Address proof (either India or UAE)
    - Valid UAE ID (Labor card, Emirates ID card or Driving License)

  7. Do I need to have an existing account with the partner banks in India to avail this facility?
    No, we can open the account on your behalf by submitting the documents listed above.
  8. Can I top up the loan? Yes, provided that the new loan amount is up to 80% of the Fixed Deposit Amount and final repayment date should be within the Fixed Deposit maturity date.
  9. In which banks will the Fixed Deposit be placed? With our partner banks in India.
  10. What is the minimum Fixed Deposit amount required? The minimum Fixed Deposit amount should be at least 125% of the Emirates NBD loan amount.
  11. Can I partially or fully break the Fixed Deposit before maturity date?
    Since the Fixed Deposit will be marked under lien favoring Emirates NBD for the loan facility availed, breaking of the Fixed Deposit will require approval from Emirates NBD. Emirates NBD can authorize the partner bank in India to break the Fixed Deposit subject to:
    > Loan is already settled - customer can break the Fixed Deposit if loan is fully paid
    > Partial loan amount is settled - Emirates NBD may permit the customer to partially break the Fixed Deposit provided the balance Fixed Deposit is 125% of the loan outstanding
  12. What is the maximum Fixed Deposit tenor? Maximum of 5 years.
  13. What taxes am I liable to pay if I have NRE Fixed Deposit?
    As per current guidelines, funds in NRE Fixed Deposit are exempt from Income Tax in India.
  14. Can I have a joint applicant for the NRE Fixed Deposit?
    Yes, you can hold NRE Fixed Deposit account jointly with other Non-Indian Resident provided that the loan also has a co-applicant.
  15. What is the frequency of interest payment on my NRE Fixed Deposit account?
    Interest is compounded quarterly and will be paid on maturity date.
  16. Is deferment permitted on the loan? No, deferment is not permitted.

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