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sme loans in uae

Six months after launching personal credit reports, the Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) unveiled on Tuesday the commercial bureau reporting service that will provide full and up-to-date information on the borrowings of companies in the UAE. It is estimated that around 65,000, or 16.25 per cent, registered businesses in the UAE have credit facilities, such as loans or overdrafts.

Preeti Bhambri, managing director of, however, said that the new system applies only to companies with existing borrowings and doesn’t do anything for the majority of businesses that don’t have loans or any form of borrowings.
Published: Gulf News- March 25,2015

Analysts said that if you’re planning to buy an apartment or villa, Dubai’s relatively low property prices, coupled with a slight decline in home loan rates, make 2015 one of the best times in years to invest in real estate.

Preeti Bhambri, managing director at, said that home loan rates have dropped marginally, but property buyers can still secure rates as low as 2.99 per cent per annum.

"On a mortgage of Dh1 million, a low rate or say 2.99 per cent per annum, instead of 4.5 per cent for the first two years, can mean a benefit of Dh30,000 straight away," she added.

Published: Gulf News- March 15,2015


national bonds

A lot of work to be done to turn saving into a lifestyle practice,' says National Bonds CEO

Preeti Bhambri, managing director of, said that National Bonds is a good investment product for those who are able to maintain savings worth Dh50,000 to Dh100,000 for at least a year.

She noted that not every National Bonds saver receives the highest profit rate and the amount of return depends on a number of conditions.

The company's "Step Up Bonds" product, for example, which offers 4 per cent profit, requires a minimum investment of Dh50,000 and savers who opt for this are not eligible for prize draws. The same product offers 2 per cent interest at the end of one year and 3 per cent at the end of two years. This also requires a "lock-in period" of 90 days.

Published: Gulf News- March 11,2015

Deposit rate in UAE

Tired of getting a paltry interest rate on your savings account? Savers in the UAE can now have the opportunity to earn a higher return on their money.

Mashreq announced that they are offering a 4 per cent interest on its new savings product, the highest so far in the market today.“This represents the highest interest rate investors can currently find in the market,” the bank said in a statement sent to Gulf News.

"The highest interest offered in UAE for fixed deposits is 1.5 per cent by CBD, followed by 1.4 per cent from ADCB - on a 12-month tenure," said Preeti Bhambri, managing director of personal finance website

Published: Gulf News-February 10,2015

Budget friendly valentine day

Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no escaping the 14th of February. Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays of the year when the household budget of loved up couples takes the backseat.

According to the National Federation’s Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending survey in the US, each person celebrating the day of hearts will spend more this year than they did in 2014.

“You can have a great Valentine’s Day with your loved one in UAE. Just avoid traffic, arguments and malls. How about a nice picnic or a lazy day at the beach?” Preeti Bhambri, managing director of suggests.

Published: Gulf News-February 9,2015

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and the pressure is on for couples to overshadow what they did last year. With such an array of options, here Preeti Bhambri, the managing director of, a personal finance comparison website, has compiled a list of deals to suit every kind of budget. After all, romance doesn’t have to break the bank — a day at the beach, a desert picnic or a candlelit dinner at home are all ways to keep February 14 affordable.

Fly away: If you are an Etihad Guest member, you can earn 25,000 Etihad Guest Miles when you book a ticket on, originating from Abu Dhabi, to any destination before February 15. Etihad Airways is also running some special deals to London, Munich, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai and Jakarta from Dh2,000 — Dh3,000, valid if you book before February 12.

Published: The National-February 8,2015