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debt relief in uae

If you’re neck deep in debt and struggling to pay back your creditors, you could have some of your borrowings written off for good – provided you live in Croatia.

According to Preeti Bhambri, managing director of personal finance website, they receive requests for help on a daily basis from struggling borrowers in the UAE.

“Every day we receive requests from people who have a low salary and multiple debt products that they cannot repay successfully. There are many low-income people stuck with spiraling debt which in the end leaves them with no other choice but to leave their job and UAE without paying off,” said Bhambri.

Published: February 4,2015

Non-resident Indians living in the UAE should look beyond bank deposits to earn good returns on their investments.

As the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) eases monetary tightening amid falling inflation to boost growth, bank deposit rates would eventually come down, forcing investors to scout for attractive options like equities and gold, among others.

“Equities is the best place to be in India right now if you are a long-term investor, and mutual fund is always a good option to invest if someone doesn’t want to invest directly into equities,” said Preeti Bhambri, managing director at, a personal finance and property portal based in Dubai.

Published: January 24,2015

After the New Year’s Eve fireworks die out and the parties end, it’s time to get serious with personal finances. The majority of residents in the UAE are spending the bulk of their income on rents, utility bills and debt repayments. It’s only right to kick start the year by reducing expenses to avert any crisis in the future.

Before everything gets out of control, here are 10 money-saving tips to consider for 2015, as suggested by financial advisors in the UAE.

Preeti Bhambri, managing director at, a personal finance website, says residents in the UAE should take advantage of promotional offers by airlines. “Quite a few airlines are currently offering big discounts on travel up to July, if tickets are purchased by end of January,” she says. “This can save you anywhere between 25 to 40 per cent of your travel costs. comes with regular updates on sale offers and promotions,” she adds.

Published: Gulf News- January 11, 2015

hard-selling tactics adopted by UAE and international banks

Banks use various techniques to sell their products, says Preeti Harrison Bhambri, managing director at another comparison site, “The most common is cross-selling to their existing client base. That’s why it’s so common to receive calls suggesting you turn your existing credit card into a loan.”
A friend recommended they use the loan comparison calculator on to find a better deal. “We got all the rates, used their free calculators, and found a loan charging just 5.5 per cent. Switching to that will save us a whopping Dh131,606,” adds Mrs Kothari.

Published: The National- September 19, 2014

Personal Finance

Like it or not, money makes the world go round. It dictates everything from the sheets you sleep on to the handbag you carry, the school your kids go to and the vacations you take. While most women just love spending it, many are petrified of it. But it’s time to stop fretting, grab your personal finances by the horns and face the money bogeyman.

If you’ve been in the UAE more than a year and still aren’t using a loyalty card, you’re missing out. Some of the best available cards are: Shukran, My Club, Club Apparel, Amber, Airmiles and Tamayez Union Co-Op. 

Published: Gulf News- September 23, 2014

Buy property in UAE

You’re tired of seeing your money fly into your landlord’s pocket, so you think about buying a home soon – but is it a good time to get a mortgage?

Certainly, according to Preeti Bhambri, managing director of, a personal finance website in the UAE. She said the interest rates on home loans have significantly dropped by almost 100 basis points over the last 12 to 18 months, with rates now touching as low as 3.75 per cent per year. Banks are also waiving the valuation and processing fees, which means buyers can save nearly Dh20,000 dirhams in administrative charges if they sign up for a Dh1.5 million mortgage.

Published: Gulf News- July 17, 2014