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Deposti Rates UAE

Depositors looking for higher returns on their cash balances this year could be in for a tough time as interest rates have dropped and seem to be heading lower.

According to Preeti Bhambri, managing director and founder of, a personal finance site in the UAE, investment options for savers “are sparingly few”, with rates “decreasing by the month” and likely to fall further.

Published: Gulf News- January 20.2013

Save on Christmas in UAE

Christmas trees, lights and other festive ornaments are a staple during the holidays, but they can unnecessarily impact one’s finances.

"All things bright and beautiful cost me a thousand dirhams every year. Christmas decorations are expensive and most of us want new ones every year,” notes Preeti Bhambri, managing director and founder of, a personal finance site in the UAE.

 It doesn’t matter whether you’re an artist or not, get your creative juices flowing and make your own decorations instead. It’s not just economical, it is a fun activity for the family, too. “You can use house waste like old clothes, used paper, empty boxes and glass bottles,” suggests Bhambri.

Published: Gulf News- December 9, 2012

Don’t let the holidays turn into a financial nightmare. Consumers can save money by using just the right plastic money this holiday season. The trick is to know which ones to use when you go gift shopping or do something fun to celebrate the festive season.

Get discounts with your card. Whether you’re planning to treat your family and friends to a Christmas dinner or buy them special presents, you can spend less with your credit or debit card. Banks in the UAE have special offers promising to give discounts when you dine at select restaurants or purchase something at the store.

Published: Gulf News- December 9.2012

Buying a special dinner at a restaurant or a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day can create a hole in the wallet. It doesn’t mean you have to abandon the idea of celebrating the most romantic day of the year. Take your pick from a list of ideas to save your bank account on Valentine’s Day.

Published: Gulf News- February 10, 2013

Loyalty programmes seem like a great way to save shopping money, but you need to do your homework before you start counting on the rewards. While loyalty schemes are fairly easy and free to sign up to, that doesn’t mean you have to enroll into each one of them.

Mark Mortimer-Davies, CEO of Air Miles Middle East, says the ideal programme gives you a lot of chances to earn rewards and doesn’t force you to change your shopping habits.

Published: Gulf News, January 28,2013

If you don’t have any short-term goals and have excess cash sitting in the bank, it may be a good idea to pull out your money and invest it elsewhere. Some of the options worth considering include pension schemes, investment funds or bond funds.

Put your idle money to good use by investing in savings schemes that are tied up until retirement or your child starts college. “Banks and insurance companies in UAE offer savings plans for long-term financial planning such as child education plans, retirement plans, pension plans,” suggests Preeti Bhambri of

Pubished: Gulf News- February 17,2013