What is the secret to a large bank balance?

All of us would like to have a hefty Bank Balance in UAEIt is possible but won’t happen in a day- its like building a house brick by brick. Small Savings lead to a big Money Bag. The best approach is to set apart a small amount every month. You may ask what is the need to open an account if the monthly saving is only a small amount. Well, opening an account enforces discipline to the activity. You will notice that you become regular in saving and a look at your growing bank balance every month will motivate to you to Save More! The key phrase here is “Start Saving Today”

Three step approach to saving:

Step 1: Assess your income and expenses. Use our Monthly Expense Manager to: a) tell you ‘where you spend & how much you spend’ every month and b) help you save more.

Step 2: Ascertain the amount you can out aside every month.

Step 3: Find the best Saving Option and Start Saving! Compare Saving options with Saving accounts in UAE , e Accounts in UAE  & Deposits in UAE to find one suited for your needs.