Save more with Loyalty Cards in UAE

If you’ve been in UAE for more than a year and are still not using any loyalty card, you’re missing out. As Benjamin Franklin put it simply “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  Get ready to save with loyalty cards that cater to everyone. Some of the best loyalty cards available are: Shukran Card, My Club Card, Amber Card, Wafi City Card, Airmiles Card, Tamayez- Union Co-Op Card, Cine Buzz Card and the Time out Dubai City Card.

For Cards where rewards are linked to spend, it always makes sense to have just 1 or 2 cards, as higher spend gets you a bigger voucher. Considering that all these Cards have no annual membership fee, the decision to choose a card depends on a) the rewards conversion rate and b) the range of avenues to spend the rewards. The table below shows “Spend to Reward Conversion Rate” or simply how much you need to spend to get a voucher worth AED 100. 

Loyalty Card      
Rewards Conversion Rate
Spend Required to Earn AED 100
AirMiles 0.71% 14,000
Amber 1% 10,000
Carrefour My Club 1% 10,000 (approx)*
Shukran 5% 2,000
Union Coop Tamayez 1.7% 6,000

While Shukran offers the highest rewards, The Airmiles Card offers a larger range of stores to redeem these rewards. While Shukran has 25 odd stores to earn and redeem points from, Airmiles has a wider option for redemption with the Mall Vouchers. Amber caters to shoppers at high-end stores and luxury brands. You can check the avenues for spending rewards on their websites to determine which stores you usually shop at. The same logic of ‘the store you shop - is the card you should get’ applies for other loyalty Cards like Carrefour My Club and Tamayez Card. If you’re a foodie, don’t miss out on the Time Out Dubai City Card, which is free of charge and offers a discount of up to 25% on more than 200 restaurants across Dubai.

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